Making your environment secure from attackers requires a multi-layered approach. You need to protect your network from intrusion and prevent malicious parties from compromising the servers, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices your staff user at work and on the road. You also need to prepare to quickly recover if an attack makes it through your defenses.

Tellus Consulting can help you perform a comprehensive review of your security measures and create a custom plan to protect you and your clients’ data.


Protecting your network includes preventing intrusions into your on-premise network with well-configured software and hardware firewalls, and helping your remote workers connect securely to your on-premise networks and SaaS solutions using virtual private networking (VPNs).

Tellus Consulting can provide you high quality network devices and software from our partners such as D-Link and Perimeter 81 to protect all your network connections.


Tellus can make security simple with Security as a Service – cloud-based endpoint security for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices – managed and monitored from a secure, centralized console. Our Security as a Service solutions protect against viruses, dangerous websites, and other threats. No server or maintenance is required.


Despite your best efforts, mistakes happen. A user might have accidentally installed ransomware- or they may have simply deleted an important file. Regular backup of servers and data are key to protecting your business and your clients.

Tellus Consulting provides enterprise-grade solutions for backup of everything from your mission-critical servers to your Office 365 data.


What will you do if a fire, flood, or other unforeseen event destroys your on-premise infrastructure or makes your workplace unusable? A good disaster recovery plan helps you recover quickly and keep serving your clients.

Tellus Consulting can build your disaster recovery solution using Microsoft Azure, SaaS solutions, and quality devices in a way that is cost effective and affordable, matching your business goals and risk constraints.