Internal IT challenges can be costly, stressful, and a distraction from your ability to keep your business running smoothly. Tellus Consulting and Project Management offers a comprehensive suite of expert, affordable IT consulting services to small and mid size businesses that support your long-term goals, allowing you to be more competitive, more efficient, and more productive, while deriving the maximum value from your technology investments. Our team of experts has the advanced expertise to provide strategic analysis and guidance throughout all phases of IT management, from business analysis, design, and project management to administration, training, and product procurement.

Business Analysis

Our team will take the time to engage with you and your employees to learn about the uniqueness of your business to determine which technology features and functions are required to improve your business processes. Once we understand your business and its operation, our team will identify the solutions that ensure maximum value and user satisfaction that fit within your budget.

Solution Architecture

Our team of experts take in best practices from the industry; evaluate infrastructure trends, software and system rollout plans, as well as user adoption and governance strategies to create strategic roadmaps. We plan from the start logical, simple, and effective software and infrastructure solutions designs and technical platforms that are right for your business, will ensure an optimum user experience, and will scale in the future.

Solution Design

Because your business has unique challenges, requirements, and goals, out of the box technologies aren’t enough. Our team of experts has the specialized knowledge and practical experience to create customized business applications and solutions that are tailored to your unique business requirements. We utilize enterprise technology that maximizes the use of core functionality and services already in place to focus your development budget on the custom work that will make a difference for your business.

Project Management

IT projects can be challenging to manage and deliver. Our project managers are experts at delivering solutions because we concentrate on the people involved, as well as the technology being used to ensure the focus remains on your wider business goals. We understand what it takes to see a project through from inception to delivery. Our experts utilize agile project management methodologies to manage tasks, time, resources, and deliverables and ensure that key information including timelines and financials are communicated back to our clients on a regular basis.

IT Administration and Maintenance

We understand that once a service solution is launched, it’s just the beginning. Your team will gain the guidance and support from our experts that helped build your solutions and are already familiar with your business and its operations. We ensure that you will get off the ground running when your solution launches, then proactively support and manage your enterprise platforms for their lifetime to ensure they continue to drive value and return on your investment. We will initially implement a governance plan including documents, policies, roles, and responsibilities written specifically to address your individual IT needs and requirements. Then, we will provide proactive maintenance support including regular health check reports, on site visits, and updates to your platforms in line with Microsoft best practices to ensure that you’re always utilizing the latest and greatest technology to support your business.


Although enterprise platforms have been made very intuitive, when it comes to new technology, learning is a continuous process. To help users get the best from technology platforms, improve expertise, and help your business realize productivity gains, our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants provides a variety of training courses.

Since one size does not fit all with regard to experience in a wide variety of technology solutions, we will work to understand the challenges you face, where our training can add value and enhance the return on investment in your technology platforms. We will then focus the training around what will deliver you the best results and set at the appropriate intellectual level that equips both end users and administrators with the knowledge and skill improvements that they can apply in their real working environment.


Once a service solution has gone live, we understand that you want to have the full knowledge and control in house. We employ a range of experts with diverse skills that have the experience to lead, mentor, and augment your team. You can rely on our team to draw on their deep knowledge and experience to provide niche subject matter expertise around key business applications and technology solutions. When the next version comes out or when you need to deploy the latest technology solutions, our team will share with your employees invaluable insight, knowledge, and skills that they can use moving forward to ensure sure you are getting the most out of your enterprise applications.